• Wills:  Trusts:  
    Power of Attorney:  

  • Life is a journey

    Whether you are a young family starting out or a mature one planning retirement then you have a responsibility to your loved ones to make plans 
  • Prepare for the first steps 



    Make certain your partner is safe and secure 
  • Planning a secure 
    ​future for your 
    loved ones

    How to protect your bloodline
  • Sometimes you need to change course

    Since life changes and presents challenges; your documents need to be flexible.
    Divorce, remarriage, children and even grandchildren; all come with their own challenges
  • Planning for forgetful times and frailty

    With us all living longer Alzheimer's and Dementia are affecting 1 in 3 of us. Equally not being as nimble as we once were presents problems too and
    interactions with the healthcare system become more common.

    Be certain you are prepared
  • The cost of caring

    Such an emotive issue but one we have to talk about.
    Find out the truth about care costs- not false promises
    Take control, don't leave your finances in the hands of strangers
  • For those you leave behind..

    It is inevitable that a time will come when you leave your loved ones behind. Will you leave them secure, protected and with a trusted guide at the most difficult of times?

We all would instinctively pack for a journey and at least do some planning, sometimes we even insure against the worst case.

Yet when it comes to planning for our family after we're gone;
well 60% of us have done nothing!
And so congratulate yourself for getting here because that means you are making a start. ​​Take your time to find out what you need to know.
​There are plenty of dangers out there to consider before you make a start.

​To help you, we have videos, downloadable fact sheets available to you and if that's not enough then simply talk to us for free and before you do anything; or go anywhere.

​Better still; when you have what you need to make a start there are three paths you can choose to go down.
​Telephone or Video call
​Face to Face at a place and time of your choosing.
​You can even choose to change pathway should you feel you need some more help!
​We've made it easy for you to access the help you need and so no more putting it off, no more excuses.

Let's take some steps together and take responsibility

Think about the mess you would leave behind without a Will

Worse still the wrong kind of Will or one that's out of date!


Plan for every eventuality.

Protect those we love 

now and those we will love in the future


Sometimes life gets out of focus. 

Frailty and memory issues creep up

 on us all.  

An accident comes as a surprise and the whole world suddenly and unexpectedly changes


Young Families

The most precious gift we could leave are children. 

Without a Will they won't have legal guardians.

If you cohabit in a serious long term relationship then you have no legal rights over each other, rights you need.

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Children and Grandchildren

It's important to consider that life continues when you are gone and a remarriage could affect your children.

 Of course your own children could equally find themselves in difficult times. 

A divorce or death of a child could find your grandchildren disinherited

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The Sandwich Generation 

 Elderly parents and children of your own? Get planning because life could get complicated quickly!

 Make sure you are not left picking up the pieces when it's too late. Our guide to having that difficult conversation with parents.

 Have your children got their affairs in order?

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Life goes on 

At the hardest of times families are asked to do difficult things.

Arranging a funeral, understanding probate and much more.

They don't deserve to be unprepared, your forward planning now can save hours of heartache.

We can help you save them many hundreds of pounds and hours of time by not making the common mistakes when someone dies.

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A professional guiding hand

We have seen every family dynamic and we know the common mistakes you might make, thinking you are solving a problem.

If nothing else, take 30 mins to talk to us

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