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Secure Document Storage and so very much more

MYLIFEDOX    is a stand-alone entity in which we keep your documents. This separate LTD company ensures all contact and services remain intact for the future.

Whether your documents were provided by
MYLIFELAW  or another provider, your document are as safe as they can be in what is recognised as the best document store in the UK.

We securely store your Wills, Letters of Wishes, Trusts,
Lasting & Enduring Powers of Attorney and Title Deeds.
Your documents can be retrieved at anytime as required or at a time of need all within 5 working days.

We don’t just put your documents in a filing cabinet in the office, we provide safe and secure storage for you.
Regardless of what your legal service provider does in the future it will not affect the security of your documents with us.
Often people retire or sell their business at some stage which could leave original documents at risk.

With MYLIFEDOX  your documents will remain safe in storage regardless of company changes

If you are paying someone else to store your documents then why not ask us about moving, we have saved many clients their annual storage fees often as much as £50.00 per year.

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