• We have been on a journey of our own

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We are all in a "new world"

Times change and businesses evolve. Until now we were fairly traditional in our outlook and our methods. Some might argue there's nothing wrong with that.

The post virus world is very different indeed and it was time for us to use 21st century technology 

to help with the "new normal!"

This together with our trusted service and professional advice to bring the very best to our clients and their families.

We felt that deserved a fresh look and feel.

We have ambition to provide a total lifetime service, covering property, money, insurance and the very best of other professional services.

We needed a brand that reflected that ambition, and so MY LIFE LAW was born.

For those of you who met us earlier down the road or joined us when paths crossed, you can be confident its the same us, for you nothing has changed bar the name.

We know from experience this unsettles some people but if you feel the need for further assurance then click below and one of our founding partners will contact you personally.

It is our intention to contact you all directly over the coming months but this takes time, there are many thousands of you now.

If you get to us before we get to you please keep this in mind it is not a quick task to complete.

Thank you for your valued support and we look forward to travelling with you and perhaps even your friends and families in the future.

Call me about these changes