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​£25 refundable

We start off with a self assessment we call Pathfinder

A confidential Personal Risk Report for you and your family.

It will highlight some of the dangers you and your family face if tragedy were to strike tomorrow.

 You are not obliged to take any action, but if you do the fee is discounted from the cost of that work.

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​£60 per Document

You create your documents online.

You can use a phone, a tablet or a computer anytime of day or night wherever you can get internet access.

There are options to have us check your work, print your documents or you may choose to ask for a helping hand.

Online Options
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Telephone or Video Consultation
​£150 per Document

We organise an appointment to talk to you and conduct a complete consultation with you.

Our clients like the convenience of being able to work flexibly and it often allows other family members to become involved without travel barriers.

After which we will put in writing all our observations and advice.

You can choose which elements to act upon and when you take action.

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£200 additional charge 

There are some people who want or need a more personal service.

We will come to you at a time convenient for you and your family.

No time off work or travel and parking to worry about.

We complete a full review and consultation making our recommendations and highlighting all the issues you might need to consider.You can choose which elements to act upon and when you take action.

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Our prices shown are exclusive of VAT.  We will add the prevailing rate of VAT at point of payment. 

In the current climate the Chancellor could vary VAT rates, currently they are 20%.

We have chosen to show you prices this way to avoid doubt and confusion when comparing providers.

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