• How much does it cost to keep you safe? 

    How much should it cost to keep you safe?

It costs nothing to find out 

You can use our Pathfinder to discover what you might need to do. 

You have choice, so the cost varies depending on that choice.

Lastly, a lot less than the cost of getting it wrong or choosing something that initially appears cheaper.

Fixed Fee Prices

It's easy to fall into the trap of hidden fees or additional costs, so we want to be very clear about what we are offering and how much it costs. 

Everyone is different and if you want or need something bespoke we would quote accordingly.

We exclude VAT because this may vary over the next months and we want you to see our real prices so they are easy to understand.

Price Match

We know our prices represent really good value for money but occasionally someone finds what they initially think is a cheaper offer. Not everything is as it first appears and we are happy to go through the alternative offer with you to be certain it’s like for like. If we can price match it, we will.

Discount or Honesty?

We have worked hard to price our products fairly and honestly. We don't believe in false price lists engineered with false discounts. 

Take your time 

You will be making some big decisions about your major assets, this takes time:-

  • Time to consider who you are dealing with
  • Time to consider the facts and balance them against your priorities and family needs 

There are many companies out there who want to do business with you on the first meeting, they even offer discounts to do so. We are confident in ourselves, our products and our prices so we will happily leave you to consider things after our consultation, no pressure whatsoever. 

Of course, if you invite us to help we will be delighted.

We have three levels of service and charge:

  • £60 per document Online
  • £150 per document via Phone or Video
  • If you require a Home consultation we charge an additional £200 for that visit.

We will give your family honest and complete advice

Not everyone does this. 

They either don't tell you something for fear of it seeming too much and losing a sale, or don't tell you the complete picture because they are not qualified to do all you might need. 

We will let you make your own decision in your own time

There are many companies who want an immediate sale, they will even discount to get it.

A professional company will give you space and time to consider what you are doing.

There are many free offers, cheap initial products being used to tempt you.  The only way these offers can work is to sell you something else. 

Would you really want that happening in your home or to your parents?