There are numerous reasons why people haven’t made wills but without one the following issues can arise:

  • Who will look after my children? My parents? My sibling? Social Services?
  • Who will administer (deal with) my estate once I’ve gone? Someone I don’t know or trust? Someone capable of doing so?
  • Who will inherit my wealth? How much will the State take?

A Will addresses all of the above.

It makes sure that your children are looked after by people you choose and not someone unknown to you or them.

It makes sure that the people you want to inherit do inherit. Your spouse/partner, children and other rightful beneficiaries will receive what you have and this can also be protected.

So regardless of what the future hold, breaks ups/ divorces and third party claims, all can be planned for and, in some cases, unnecessary Inheritance Tax can be reduced and managed.

So whether you haven’t got one, are reviewing an old one or your circumstances have changed, you need advice. Without professional guidance, much of your hard-earned money might end up in the wrong hands or be lost completely.

Taking professional advice on the drafting of your Will and updating/reviewing it regularly is the only way to make sure your wishes are adhered to.

Our process is that we will first get to know you or reacquaint ourselves either by a  video call, a telephone call or face-to-face in person. This means us understanding your wealth, family, and who you want to inherit. We will then provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions before proceeding and parting with any money.

Everyone’s affairs can be quite different and so we will provide advice tailored to your wishes and circumstances. This could (and usually does) include supplementary documents or services too but never involves a hard sell. As above, we want you to make a decision from being in an informed position.

We are members of the Society of Society of Will Writers and one of our Directors is an Affiliate Member of STEP, so you’re in safe hands. We also hold professional £2.5m of indemnity insurance so are insured as should anyone be who undertakes this kind of work.

No obligation advice and a promise

Our promise is to let you decide at your own pace and treat your family like we would our own.